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All your water needs covered

With daily access to prices from every major UK water provider, Utilitywise’s water procurement experts can find a competitive prices on your behalf.

The leading UK utilities consultancy also offers many other business water solutions designed to help organisations of all sizes achieve savings and gain maximum value from their water contracts.

Utilitywise’s Business Water Solutions service includes four steps: a review, an audit, procurement and management.

Water audit

It’s no small boast to say a Utilitywise water audit will deliver water efficiency savings and cost reductions. Business customers have seen drops of 20-50% in their water consumption following a full water audit.

An audit includes a range of features from a survey of all water devices and infrastructure to analysis of drainage and trade-effluent discharge.

Water saving tips

Water should not be seen as a forgotten utility when it comes to making savings, and Utilitywise can prove it by offering its expertise in business water bill savings, as well as ways to reduce waste.

Commercial water consumption can drop by up to 45% if you follow these water saving tips.

Water Efficiency

Utilitywise won an environment award for reducing water wastage for a large supermarket chain, proving that waste reduction rather than restricting use is the key to water efficiency. Improve that first, and you’ll get the most out of switching water supplier.

A review will highlight opportunities where you can reduce wastage and costs. An audit will then drill into the detail and help you realise future savings, minimise waste and improve water efficiency ahead of procurement.

Water management

A Utility Management Plan from Utilitywise helps organisations of all kinds and size take control of all their business utilities more effectively, including water.

It can help you compare water usage with similar types of organisations to yours, help you reduce water wastage and be more efficient and environmentally robust.

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You can contact us for help with anything that’s business water related, from water deregulation and the best business water rates to how to reduce your water wastage.

We can also help with any queries you have about energy cost management and how you can combine your water, electricity and gas into one package.

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