Water deregulation in England – an aid to navigation

In April 2017, water industry deregulation will start in England, giving businesses, charities and public sector organisations the ability to shop around and switch retail service provider.

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Lessons from Scotland

Scotland became the first country in the world to deregulate its water market in 2008. Since opening it up to competition, customers have seen a raft of benefits including savings
in water charges and water efficiencies, as well as better monitoring and understanding of water use.

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Changing course

“When the English market deregulates, the margins will be small at first because the wholesale price is artificially inflated by the country’s 14 water companies,” said Tony.

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Pooling resources

For organisations plotting a course in England’s new open waters, good seamanship will be a must, especially as the environment is complicated by some of the 14 water companies deciding not to enter the retail market.

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