Turning tide means better water deals for business

Business water procurement is about to make a splash as water competition heats up in the increasingly deregulated UK water market.

In April next year, England’s 14 water and sewerage companies will be operating in a different environment. After water deregulation, business and other non-domestic customers will finally have a choice of water providers. By switching water and sewerage company, they could make savings on bills, in time and resources.

Meanwhile, cross-border deals with the deregulated water market in Scotland may also be on the horizon, providing opportunities for customers to revisit business water rates and negotiate better contracts.

Expert water management

England and Scotland moving to similar water supply arrangements means that businesses are faced with more complex choices. It also makes the size of the water contracts much larger which means that many companies are seeking advice from experts in utility management to help them navigate the way ahead.

There may even be advantages to be had from multiple utilities deals, where energy and water are wrapped up in a tailored package, although only UK water utility consultancy Utilitywise is offering these at the moment.

Knowing when to switch

Tony Hitchens of Utilitywise said: “Specialists with an in-depth knowledge of water and wastewater legislation know how to make the most of the opportunity to switch water and wastewater supplier.

They understand how to get competitive business water rates and what it takes to procure the most suitable contract.”

Independent water and wastewater procurement specialists, like those in Utilitywise’s teams, can manage the process on your behalf.

They understand water rates throughout the UK, the supplier structure and processes, what supplier offerings there could be in future and the quality of any offer, as well as offering advice on various water management solutions.

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